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How to Maintain, Repair and Improve Your Boat's Essential Systems.

by Michael Calder - 2nd edition

This book has long been the ultimate reference source for do-it-yourself maintenance people, providing the most in-depth coverage of marine installations, systems and parts, especially when it comes to their maintenance, repair and improvement. Each chapter takes a project or task and reduces it to step-by-step guidelines that any beginner or intermediate apprentice can master, illustrated throughout with very clear line drawings and photographs. If you buy only one book on engine and electrical maintenance, make it this one.
Hardback  592 pages
Price :
Australia: A$79.95 plus A$7.00 postage (up to 3 books)
USA and Canada: US$49.95 plus postage (about $5)
Overseas: US$49.95 plus postage (about $15) 

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"An impressive compilation of advice on boat equipment and systems - one of the best we've seen....Much of the information cannot be found anywhere else." Practical Sailor

"A major achievement...It would be hard to imagine anything going wrong on a boat that couldn't be figured out with this book...A bargain." Sailing World

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1. Establishing a Balanced Battery-Powered Electrical System
2. Maintaining and Troubleshooting a Battery-Powered Electrical System
3. Understanding and Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits; Proper Installation Practices
4. Corrosion, Bonding, Lightning Protection, and Grounding
5. Battery Chargers, Inverters, Wind, and Water Generators, and Solar Panels
6. AC Generators and Electric Motor (DC and AC)
7. Marine Electronics
8. Diesel Engines
9. From Transmission to Propeller
10. Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning
11. Plumbing, Toilets, and Through-Hull Fittings
12. Pumps and Pump Switches
13. Steering Systems, Autopilots, and Wind vanes
14. Stoves, Cabin Heaters, Water Heaters, and Lanterns
15. Spars and Standing Rigging
16. Running Rigging, Deck Hardware, and Roller Reefing


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